Sunday, June 03, 2007

Create an environment which is conductive for easily meeting women - ARTICLE

You want to make it easy for you!

For that, you need some basic tools!

Here are some ideas:
  • Register to a couple of active dating sites and get back to them when you have a moment in the evening.
  • Cell phone, Instant messenger, etc
  • Respond to invitations from friends, to parties and other social events.
  • Learn more about dating and women!
  • Follow up on your connections.
  • Work on your looks, etc.
  • Stay in touch with what goes on in your city, concerts, places to eat, night life, etc

If you put in place a few of these tools, it's easier to connect with women when you want to.

This is called developing your "dating body".

You have skills and tools for business, right?

You have tools to stay in good shape, magazines, web sites to check.

With dating, it is the same! You need to create an environment which is conductive to easily connecting with women when you want to!

Start with these resources

More on this coming soon!

Take care