Sunday, August 19, 2007

Connect with anyone, not just women you are attracted to - ARTICLE

This is the best way to train your social skills.

It is to develop an inherent ability to connect with anyone.

Be open! Speak! Connect!

This is one of the most effective ways to speed up your dating power!


Because the first step is to activate your communication channels, not to connect with a girl you are attracted to.

If your communication channels are already active when you meet her, she will naturally respond more easily to you.

She will feel that you are open and recognize that you do have natural ability to connect with anyone you want.

Isolation is a dating power killer! Really!

The last thing you want is to feel frustrated because there is no one you are attracted to in the crowd.

Social situations are your training ground as much as any male/female dating situation!

It would be a real loss to miss this opportunity to learn something new!

So, what do you do?

You connect with women or men in any situation without distinction.

You initiate contact all the time.

You smile, establish eye contact and speak out.

This works!

It is one of the magic shifts you can make that will multiply your success with women.

How does this exactly work?

It is actually very simple:

One of the key challenges you face when you want to connect with a girl you are attracted to is that your communication channels are not active.

You want to speak but search for something interesting to say.

In other terms, you get blocked. You get stacked on that very first step.

Your communication muscle is like any other muscle.

If you don't use it or train it, it stays weak.

On the other hand, if you activate it regularly, you build it up and develop communication power.

In other terms, your communication energy is ready to flow when you meet a girl you are attracted to.

This communication skill is an ability you need to train to increase its power.

Once it is active, use it all the time to maintain it.

You will notice that the moment you need to use it in a more challenging situation with a woman you are attracted to, you will have absolutely no problem coming up with something interesting to say because you already do that all the time.

Makes sense, right?

To your dating power!