Monday, August 27, 2007

First date starters

First date starters

Hi, good to see you

So, what’s the plan for today?

So, you have a boy friend?

Tell me about the last time you had sex

Is there a way to get you to come back to my room with me?

Love the stunning dress. Tell me what you were thinking when you decided to wear it.

  • We start walking there… This is the wake up

I believe you are bored and I will lighten up your day

  • No… Still no teasing or challenge. Space invading. Not really good. A bit challenging though which is better than just: “what do you do”

Tell me about the last time you had sex. What was really good about it

  • Not sure you want her to share a potentially negative experience

Tell me about the best sex experience you ever had

  • Are you sure you want her to recall the best sex experience with an ex. You might end up feeding memories and becoming a best friend

What does sensuality mean for you?

  • Good direction but quite general

I believe that most people waste too much time talking about what does not matter at all because they don’t dare to come to the point and talk truly about what matters the most.

The reason they do that is because they are afraid to open and connect.

Do you want to waste your afternoon or do you want to enter into secret rooms together?

  • That’s very nice and much better. You are becoming directive. You know what you want. It is intriguing and wakes up some for of desire to explore further. Now, the person has to feel safe and be sure that where you want to go is a place she can follow you to.
  • The risk could be to turn all this into a therapy session. That’s not what you want at all
  • You don’t want either to create some form of emotional commitment which ends up saying that you two are soul mates… Another dead end.
  • There is more

Would love to see you naked in nature… Are you comfortable with your own naked body? Do you enjoy watching yourself in the mirror naked?

That’s a tricky question… What if she says “No”? The naked body is a good direction though if you can associate it with sensuality.

I had this experiences on the beach always. Just naked. Keeping a couple of pieces of jewellery on me and simply feeling the warm sand on my skin. Such an incredible feeling. Loved it.

  • Now, we are talking about sensuality but you are talking about yourself. This is self centered and she would rather you talk about her. Have you ever heard someone trying to describe this experience they felt one day. It can be nice but you are giving. Most people would rather talk about what they feel. And you want to make sure that she gets in that space.


Where would you rather have sex?

On a deserted beach?

On the kitchen table?

In a Florentine hotel?

Feeling the fresh breeze of the wind on your skin while laying on the white sheets. The house is open with

At a party in a dark corner of the garden when no one is watching

Next to another couple

With a two men

With a woman and a man

With a couple (a few) other men or women watching

While you are recorded

In an Indian palace, surrounded by deities, candles and burning incenses

What does the word tantra invoke for you?

Next? Sexual communication directions