Monday, August 27, 2007

Flirting Intro ideas

Flirting Intro ideas

I want to make sure you walk with a man at your arm.

You look like someone who would like to be invited to the party of the year!

Do you work out?

What is your favorite destination.

I would like to see you again.

I don’t like animal testing.

What are you looking for? Maybe I can help you find it.

I saw these nice tops on sale not far from here, I think you should checked them out.

Care for a strawberry?

Care for a strawberry shake? Or are you more of a chocolate girl?

Have you seen the last episode of temptation island?

Do you like soaps?

You look just like…

Hi, I am Brad Pitt. I know, and we are not related…

Hi, I am Francesco, I am from Italy!

Hi, what breast size do you have?

Hi, do you model?

This friend of mine has this party tonight.

Have you been to the new beach club? Shall we meet there sometime?

I have a good friend I would like you to meet.

I need a female opinion on something. *****

Is it true that women don’t like being approached in public? **

If a perfect stranger was walking to you on a mall, would you give him your number?

How many times did you get laid last week? -----

When is the last time you had sex? -----

How is your love life? -----

Have you been fantasizing about me, lately?

You know that I like you, right?

I am not looking for a relationship, I am looking for some fun, are you in?

I need a female opinion on a challenge I am facing at work.

I am in the middle of a crisis and I need some comfort

Are you enjoying the city?

Have you seen the last episode of sex in the city?

If a perfect stranger was walking to you in a mall, would you give him your number?

Suppose we would not know each other. If I was approaching you out of the blue, how would you react?

Would you like to play a game with me? It’s quite fun!

I am testing a new theory on women. ***

I heard that if you ask 5 women for their phone number 4 of them will give it to you.

Do you think it’s true?

I just got 4 phone numbers from 4 strangers and you are the 5th!

Don’t you give that look! I told you I was sorry!!! I won’t cheat on you again! You said we would give it another try and now, you ignore me. -----

This one is bad because it tells about a possible future but creates a negative image of it. It triggers imagination but send out the wrong message

Why are you ignoring me!

Again, bad

I had enough of that!

You stay away from my wife!!! -----

??? Non sense – Inner joke - bad

I warned you! Now you went one step too far! -----

I heard many times that very beautiful women don’t know how to be kind. Do you think it’s true?

I heard that beautiful women like it when a stranger approaches them in public.

Is this true?

I mean, I have always been fascinated by what happens in a woman’s mind. My theory is that they keep rejecting opportunities which come to them and then complain that they are still single.

What is biggest turn off you can get from a man? **

Good because it triggers the conversation – but is it good? Maybe too serious and not teasing enough

I know that you are looking for excitement but you don’t know where to find it. ****

Good teasing

Can I pick your brains? ****

Good teasing – but what next?

Can I check your brains?

Let me look into your eyes… Yes! You have a brain! *****

One of the best because jerk teasing – Believe this would work

Does you hair look like that when you wake up in the morning? **

Not sure about that one – we enter into a sensitive subject - hair

Or did you just spend the last 4 hours pampering yourself? **

Same teasing is good but challenging the body is bad – not sure she has enough humor to laugh on that one

So, when did you break up with him? *

Talking about an ex – Not a nice memory to recall – You head for being a best friend – It does not put you in the lover’s position

I know, he treated you like shit! You did the right thing in leaving him! *


How come you chose for him?

That’s it! I’m leaving her! ---

It’s a compliment without tease – it shows that you already adore her – Has the opposite effect than what you would like to create

How often do you feel it is healthy to have sex? **

Right track – But needs to be more subtle

Suppose I would ask you for your number. Would you give it to me? --

Gives her a choice and the possibility to say no – no teasing and no challenge – a bit flat

What would you like to give me? You phone number or your email address? --

Flat – Not very original

Would you like me to call you at home or on your cell phone?

Flat – not very original and does not trigger imagination

Would you prefer giving me your cell phone or your home number.

Would you like me to get back to you on your cell or by email?

I need help with setting up a profile on a dating site. I need a female opinion.