Monday, August 27, 2007

How to train and develop your dating skills? - Send emails to girls who are active online

How to train and develop your dating skills

Send emails to girls who are active online

If you don’t know what to say to a girl when you meet her, here is a powerful way to train your skills.

Go do a dating site.

( is a good place to start and it’s free)

Select a 10 girls profile and keep all these windows open on your computer.

Choose one girl. Look at her profile for 10 seconds and imagine what you would tell her if you were emailing her right now.

Don’t worry if what you come up with sounds stupid or cheesy.

The first step is to activate this connecting skill.

Next, take the lines you wrote and give yourself a mark for that specific line.

0% is totally bad – 100% is excellent

The question you want to ask yourself is:

“How effective is that line when wanting to connect with her?”

In other words:

Will that line trigger her interest and make you want to know you?

Will this trigger attraction towards you?

Once you give yourself a mark for that specific line and if your mark is not that high, describe why you think this line is good or not good.

Next: if the line you wrote was not that effective, try to come up with a line that you feel would work best.

Within an hour, you should have ten good lines for these ten girls or profiles.

Should you send these girls these messages.

Well no need to right now.

The best is to practice this technique for a week.

Try lines and understand why certain line work and other don’t.

Imagine being in her shoes.

Would you respond or not?

The goal of this technique is simply to activate your dating skills and as well understand how a woman’s psyche functions.

It is a little bit like going to the gym. It takes a few weeks to build up your dating muscle and become really good at it.

The next step is to go live and start actually connecting with girls.

If you feel that the dating environment is artificial, get over it. It’s not! It is the perfect training ground to develop these skills