Monday, August 27, 2007

Light style

This is a new experiment. I would not call it light way. Let’s sensual or sexual communication.

It’s based this time on respect love and hopefully humour and some good teasing or challenging as well.

The goal is simple: get responses and get to the point.

Imagine that it’s something that you would do for years. Is this a communication style that you could use easily any time anywhere?

That’s it

Ciao Bella,

You speak Italian right? I say this because you are looking for romance and Italy is definitely the place for that.

I did not say much in profile because I actually prefer sending this to only you…
  • It becomes already sensual, quite close, no humour, sentimental, not really good for so many reasons

Good spark but you’re too young of course. Anyway. I thought you would like to know that you touched a nice string. It’s a pleasure to see a girl who is having fun and looks pretty outgoing. You’ll find the guy you look for soon. I am sure.

  • That’s pretty coachy and does not open an avenue for anything between you and her. You put yourself aside and in the best friend role which is not what you want.


Like your profile and description. Sounds authentic and very close to who you are, I think. Go and check my profile… Saw it? Yep! There’s hardly anything on it.

Guess I had to wait to meet you so that you can inspire me with a starting point.

Here is what we can do: ask me a couple of personal questions. This will get me started and then, I’ll post my answers on my profile (or keep them for you only if you prefer…)

Can you do that?

  • That’s a good start… It’s spontaneous and free open. I think it’s kind and original as a request. Basically call for help, and offers her a way of participating into your life. Sounds a possible way to go which can lead to a new opening later.


I’ll be honest with you. We are as different as day and night. I can hardly relate to any of the traits you want from a man.

Now, my dilemma is this one: there are a couple of things I would like to tell you which have nothing to do with what you say you want… Is it okay for me to share this with you?

  • What? What do you mean? It’s soft no challenge… You give her a cosy space but you are apologizing before you even speak to her.

Pretty busy studying aye?

Okay! You have the most subjective picture I saw so far on this site. Well done. I mean however took did a perfect job and brought that this sensual sexy seducer in you.

Now, about you? It’s amazing what happens when we just trapped into the daily routine. Do you still stay in touch with this deep sensual part of your life. Is it easy? Or does it get challenged by all this things that should be done in life? I really like this hint and that magic which comes through when the moment is right.

My profile does not have much… Coming soon. I’ll gladly answer any question you have though.
Advice: don’t look or think too far. This is just some light chatting. I’m no jerk.

  • Nice, sincere. The first question is: would it work? The second question is: Is this what you are looking for? Just chatting and being kind? Is this being wussy?

Kids come first?

Fair enough. I have a busy life too. No kids though but business, travels, friends, staying in good shape, etc.

  • Little or no chemistry!!! Of course, it can be built. Force or step back?


When I see your profile, I see so many different girls! Gosh, you truly know how to change your personality. Must be fun. I like that. Where are you heading next?

  • It’s okay but this is just chit chat with little depth. It’s okay though. No need to head for some form of tantric supernatural experience. This might indeed be the way to go. You can keep it very light and natural, just as it flows

Sweet and cute picture. Glad for all the men out here (especially me – well… I think you might need someone younger actually) that you decided it’s time to experience with the opposite sex.

Guys are so much easier to deal with than women… You’ll love it, I am sure!

Now, if you don’t have much experience with guys, this is definitely where I can help you with. I can guide you through the male mind and show you around… Would you like that? You can start with my brain…

Want to play the game?

First question?

  • All this is very sweet again… It’s actually lots of fun to go that way.

You look like a sweet girl. So, where is your next trip to?