Monday, August 27, 2007

teasing - challenging start intro - you look terrified - serial dater


What most guys miss when going on a date with a girl is a plan that works.

A plan is not a set of rigid sentences you want to say.

If it was rigid and fixed, it would be boring.

No, what you want is to connect with the spirit of effective and fun dating.

When you meet a woman, success means that you connect.

It’s not about having sex or not. It’s just about connection.

Dialogue is the number way to establish a connection.

What you say and the way you relate to each other are the visible parts of your connection.

This is what you want to understand.

So, let’s check deeper ideas on how to create a lively, effective and meaningful connection with a woman you like.

The first minute:

“Hi! Good to see you again. So where shall we go to have real fun today?”

Was this a good opening?

How high does it rate in your inner success scale?


What would be even better?

“Hi, I’ll be your date today! You look terrified. Don’t worry, I only eat small children and baby frogs”

Okay! That was plain stupid! 40%


“You look terrified” puts her down without opening.

Let’s try something else:

“Are you always that terrified at a first date?”

“I’m not terrified. I can perfectly handle the challenge”

“So, it is a challenge!”

“Well, it’s not what I mean. I find it quite easy to actually be with any guy… I am always very comfortable with first dates. I have guys in my pocket from the first date”

“Whaou! You seem like a serial dater. Not sure what I am getting into. Maybe I should run away before it’s too late…”

“You mean you don’t want to date me?”

“Well, let’s give it a try…”

“Whaou! You seem like a serial dater. Are you serial with everything or only with dating?”

“with none. I am not serial with anything”



“Hi, Whaou! Gorgeous! Great combination! Where shall we go? Do you have any preference?”


You let her take the lead. The compliment means that you are already hers. There is no challenge or subtlety in your questions