Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nice dress - Shopping addict? - TEASING LINES - TIP

Here is a new teasing direction which works great as well:

Give her the "shopping addict" role.

Say something like:

"Nice dress! - So, you're a shopping addict frantically checking latest fashion to spend your fortune on? Where is your rich husband financing all that?"

Observe her reaction!

Remember that the goal here is to trigger attraction.

You give her a role a make her work to get out of it.

Most guys approach her and give her compliments and cheesy lines. You take a totally different direction and play the "Give value/Tease" card.

What does it mean? You don't just tease or challenge, you play with embedded value giving light compliments.

You are not aggressive, right?

You are teasing her and must be clear that you are not serious, otherwise she'll misunderstand it.

To the original line, you can follow up with:
  • Do you go to SA (Shoppers anonymous - You just made at up!) meetings?
  • My bet is that 9 out of 10 women in this room are shopping addicts and can't stand going a whole week without spending $100 on some trendy dress or fancy facial cream.

What not to say?

  • Does it run in the family?

What if she does have an alcoholic uncle who did ruin her Christmas parties? Could be a sensitive topic!

By the way, yes! She could effectively be a shopping addict and find your tone pretty offensive.

If she does, it means that it is either a sensitive topic for her and she is right now fighting with that specific issue or the way you communicated it was too aggressive or even insulting for her.

Observe how she responds to your first teasing line and if needed shift your strategy accordingly.

Now, do you go on and on about it or do you shift topic?

It is better to shift topic and let it evolve to other teasing directions.

Otherwise you will be locking her into that role and holding on to that one element you just made up.

No, after a couple of teasing lines on the topic, let go and move to new teasing directions.

Once you made your point that you can make fun of her with that specific line, let the teasing play evolve to other areas of her life.

Remember to intertwine teasing and giving her value.

More on this coming soon!

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