Monday, February 25, 2008

Experiment - Hypnotic script

Correct me if I am wrong...

Correct me if I am wrong, ok?

I want to tell you something about yourself:

In you, there is this dream of the perfect romantic connection with a man.

You dream about it and it is triggered when you meet the eyes of a man you are attracted to.

This simple glimpse into his eyes, triggers a chaing reaction of thrilling emotions and excitement in you.

You feel totally alive. You start having dreams about that man. You imagine the kisses, his sensual touch on your skin.

In your dreams the fantasy of this reality is totally alive.

Your night is filled with images of sensual moments shared in this vibrant intimacy between your two beings.

Even though, you never spoke directly with him, he is now part totally part of your life and you enjoy it immensely.

You feel like telling your friends, telling everyone, actually!

Even at work, you sometimes find it difficult to focus because the memory of his smile suddenly pops up in your mind.


Is this good? Yes!

Now, this is a "trance script".

What you just said is hypnotic because it does bring the woman into an inner psace and triggeres her imagination.

Now, the way you say this, you can start fasta nd progressively slow down, until you get into a much slower pace when she can relax.


Next question:

What do you do or say next?

What is the message you want to give her?

Here we go:


I am here to help you? - Hummm.....


These impressions of love feed your being and nothing and no one can take them away from you.

This clear vision of these romantic moments are yours. They are totally strong and grounded in you. Nothing and no one can remove them from your mind.

They are a source of inner pleasure and delight.

being in love is a wonderful feeling and you totally embrace it with trust..

There is no tension in.

You relax in that experience and enjoy it fully.

You are fearless!


Now, I did value these feeling and gave them strength and power. I did consciously reinforce them in her.


Now, let's take this even deeper, ok?

You follow me and do what I do.

Look at your beautiful hands and rub them against each other.

Next, touch your face gently.

Now open up with a gentle smile.

This smile open up more until you know it is an unstoppable stream of energy!


Now, this was the physical anchoring of these emotions


What to do next?

Do I need to follow up?

What is their agenda?

Do I need to introduce my own agenda? Yes? No?

What is it?


You now want to connect...

Believe in yourself...


Life is easy and everything you want is within reach!

You fully trust yourself!

You trust your instincts!

You now evolve within a space of emotional freedom where nothing ever holds you back.


Now, these are affirmation statements. They are orders and directions!

Next step, get what you want? Or keep the wellness of others in mind?

Here is a potential shift to embarce and bring the well being of everyone in the picture.

It is a bit of a stretch... and feels more natural to stay focused on just her


You always easily get what you want with love, respect

Why? Because you are totally in tune and synchronized with all forces at play.

You are the center of energies...




You get what you want easily because what you want is what is best not only for you but for everyone you interact with.


Ok, now, we enter into an area where there are potentially conflicting interests.

Two very clear directions show up:

the first one is individual focused, my goals and my wants at all costs

the second is selfless service and being an agent of change not only for yourself but for others as well...

What is the right choice?

Is it too early for both?

What is the right closure?