Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have been sending messages for a week now but still only very little success - TIP

What you hit now is totally normal. That's where 99% of guys give up!

They don't see an instant result and decide it does not work.

Well, put it this way:

What does it take to learn to play music?

You don't just read a manual on playing piano, try for an hour, don't get the results you expected and give up, right?

Connecting with women in an effective way requires the same type of focus.

In my experience, it goes much faster though.

As I said, 1 to 3 months

You are now 1 week into it

Why does it is usually not instant?

Because it takes skills and practice to get it right, like anything else.

The key is not to give up when you hit a hurddle

You are on the right track!