Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I sent 10 messages - Got only two replies! - Why? - TIP

There can be a few reasons why women won't respond but I'll have to see your messages to be sure.

You can send me some samples if you want me to help you with that?

What did you say and to who?

If you are open for it, you can give me access to your accounts (logins + passwords) so that I can check that directly without you having to copy/paste everything.

That's an option as well but of course, I understand if you are not comfortable with this.

Here are some possible reasons why women would not reply:

  • You email too many women who are simply not active on their profile
  • The women you email are too "top model" looking and get so much attention, they no longer respond to the messages they get
  • Your messages don't hit the right chord yet - They are too aggressive, too vague, not focused enough, etc
  • Your profile still has some major gaps
  • Etc.

It is hard for me to say though unless I have a totally clear pic of your activity.

Usually the best is to reframe your strategy, email a different type of girl, email more girls who are online, shift your communication style, etc.

By the way, that's exactly the type of response I got when I first started online 5 years ago - What you face is totally common.