Wednesday, April 16, 2008

why frequently, only 10% - 20% of women will respond to your messages - TIP

here are some reasons:
  • They are not really active on the site
  • Their profile is still online but they are already dating someone
  • They have already their views on a couple of very specific guys
  • They don't have time to invest in emailing and staying in touch
  • They have too much choice
  • They get too many requests - can't keep up with it
  • Etc.
You see that most of these reasons have nothing to do with what you sent or did not send

The solution?

  • Connect with more girls - send 10 to 20 messages /day
  • Connect with girls who are online (super easy to see on myspace) or at least really active
  • Perfect your messages and your game
Realize that maybe only 10% of members are actually active on the site.

Many women will create a profile one time, one evening and not really follow up because they don't have the time and energy right now.

Yes! When you have more experience and confidence, you can definitely increase the response - it takes focus and consistency!

Do you realize that the top pick up artists claim to have performed 10000+ approaches!

That's what makes them very good! Experience!

Well done for taking the steps and starting to email.

Now, I am sure you can do much better and connect with dozens more women.

Look at practicing your skills first without bothering too much about the results you get.