Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5 types of dating environments you want to master - TIP

Some guys might be really good with chatting her up but make a mess of it once they get intimate with her.

It might be their kissing style which is too pushy, or simply lack of grooming or personal hygiene.

To be a master at this game you need to master 5 types of environments:
  • Social events - Private parties - People already know each other.
  • Public settings - Streets - Malls - Cafes - Clubs.
  • Virtual spaces - Internet - Dating sites - Texting - Email - Phone.
  • One on one dates - Restaurant - Dance floor - Her place - Your place.
  • Sex - Light intimacy - Kissing - Making out - Oral sex - Intercourse.

It's ok if you are not perfect with all of them.

For instance, you might not like too much emailing and prefer chatting with her when you meet.

That's ok.

Remember though that being REALLY bad in one of these area can totally blow your game and be a massive turn off.

To your power!