Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aproaching women randomly? - What to say? - How to act? - TIP

Approaching women randomly for instance on the street or in public places is the most challenging context for guys.

Why? Because there is no physical proximity with your target and they are not in the socializing flow when you approach them.

In the challenge scale, this one is a 100%

Approaching women at parties or clubs for instance is much easier: that would be a 50%

Chatting with a stranger at a social even would be a 20%... Even much easier.

So, random approaches?

The most effective ones are opinion openers:
  • I was looking for a top for my sister's birthday...
  • Cool place to have lunch around here...
  • I am totally lost in this city...
  • Etc.

Once you start chatting, follow up with more questions. If she isn't evading you and you keep the tone friendly and teasing, the next step is to ask her for her number as there is a party this evening at a friend's place and you want to invite her...

You can as well mention the fact that you will need a virtual tour guide again soon and you would be honored is she would give you the opportunity to contact her if needed.

Women are not stupid, ok?

They know that you chat them up and that what you have in mind could be in fact to have a date or a drink.

However, most women will be touched when they see that a friendly open guy is interested in them.

You are smart, friendly, ougoing, good sense of humor, she likes that.

To your power!