Sunday, June 07, 2009

How frequently can I contact her? - ARTICLE

I would say that if you contact her more than twice a week, she must already REALLY be into you.

Ideally, especially in the early stages of your connection, contact her once. Have a great date + short follow up text message after that.

Give her space to miss you + fantasize about what she experienced with you.

Imagination is a powerful tool!

The fact that she does not hear from you or see you physically does not mean that your relationship is not growing!

On the contrary!

She can have a great date with you and spend the rest of the week dreaming about the last romantic kiss you shared.

This is NOT about playing games, ok?

If you text her 3 times a day, email, call, you will quickly appear needy!

If you initiated contact once and she responds. Next time, let HER initiate contact and come up with something fun to do.