Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to approach a group of women - TIP

That's a situation you will often face in social or public settings.

You need to open the group or the set.

Usually an opinion opener works really well:
  • Hi! My friends and I were wondering... What's the real trendy color for women this season? He said it's black but I see girls wereing red everywhere...
  • Quick question... Do, you behave with your boyfriend the way you behave with your girlfriends? I mean do you tell him the same type of intimate and gossip stories you tell them?
  • I am testing a theory - If your sun sign is lion you have 80% chances of being blond - What's your sun sign...
  • Etc.

Once you ope the set and chat with a few girls, don't focus on your target. She is so used to be the one who gets all the attention in her tribe that she will wonder why on earth that guys is not attracted to her.

It challenges her.

Try it!