Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to demonstrate your higher social value - TIP

Women are attracted to you because of your level of power in various areas.

Social power is one of them.

They measure your value in their inner scale and make an instinctual decision to date you or not.

This decision is PURELY instinctual.

It might look rational but it is not.

Women do that totally subconsciously.

They make their decision first, might rationalize it later...

The way to demonstrate your higher value is not to brag of course, it is to give colourful details about your life without her even noticing that you share these details.

Here are some hints:
  • Show her that you care about human and animal life... "Saw this baby cat the other day... Couldn't leave it there... Took it to the vet see what they could do..."
  • Show her that you are connected and that your social circle values you: "My friends want me to take off to one greek island this summer - It's a party place and one of them has a holyday house next to the gorgeous creek - It's like paradise"
  • "My team recommended I try this place... Prety cool! Love it so far"
  • "Yeah - that's Jen... She can't stop teasing me..."

These are all examples that show that you are socially connected + respect life.

This last one is an essential one because she needs to feel safe in your presence.

She needs to be sure you are NOT some form of freak that will turn out to be a serial abuser the moment she knows you better.

More on indicators of higher value in another post.

To your power!