Monday, June 22, 2009

How to easily launch an exciting conversation when you meet her - TIP

You need the right topic opener.

If you talk about, work, family, what YOU do, etc... All these topics won't lead to any special chemistry.

They are random and average.

Nothing exciting about them.

Now, what happens if instead, you start a conversation with:

"If I say, sensuality, pleasure, delight... What do you see? What comes to mind? What do you imagine?"

If she's shy and answers something like:

"Hey! I hardly know you, I am not going to open my sex life to you..."

Well, that's already REALLY good because we are in teasing territory now.

You challenged her a bit and you talk about one the topics she loves the most: her feelings, desires, pleasures.

What do you say to a light objection like this one?

"Sex? Hang on there... You are SO direct! I was thinking about strawberries and chocolate for instance... You like chocolate, right?"


"Does the word "pleasure" challenge you? - I bet you are not able to look at me in the eyes and say "pleasure" 3 times"


"Well, it is just that you look like a girl who is VERY close to her sensuality... And delight is the first word that came to mind when I saw you... What did you feel last time you did bite in a strawberry?"

You are now talking about sensations, delight and pleasure, right?

Is that exciting for her?

Of course it is?

What images do you think come to her mind when you ask her these questions.

She is recalling intimate moments, delightful memories, instants of intense pleasure.

By invoking them, you are already calling these sensations in her and that's what she STARTS feeling.

You didn't even touch her but she's already experiencing pleasure in your presence.

Try it!

To your power!