Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to get her number easily - TIP

A possible key is to invite her casually for something:
  • My friends are throwing a cool event this week end - write your number, here... I'll call you tomorrow with the details.
  • By the way, write your email next to it as well, in case I can't reach your cell.
  • I'll be in town next Friday visiting a friend - You like ice cream, right?
  • Etc.

Have a pen and a small card ready when you ask her for her number. Point to the paper and hand her the pen.

It's almost impossible to refuse when you do it that way.

Another way to do it is to enter her name as a new contact in your cell phone - hand it to her and say something like:

  • Looks like my phone wants to talk to yours...

Don't be formal with this thing.

Don't mention the word date!

It has to stay on a totally natural, fun and casual note.

One more thing: don't ask for permission:

Don't say something like: "Can I have your number?" It screams insecurity and already calls for rejection.

Instead hand her your pen and point with your finger to the paper where she has to write her number.

This is it!