Monday, June 22, 2009

How to get a woman to open up to you - TIP

In the comfort building stage, you are nurturing the energy unit you create with her.

During that stage, she sees that you are safe and that she can emotionally connect to you.

She sees emotions, feelings, impressions.

This flow of energy between the two of you is what she's looking for.

If you hide in a distant tower of mind rigidity, it makes it impossible for her to connect.

She wants to feel you and the reason she feels you is because you express emotions.

No emotions = No connection

So, how do you express emotions?

Well, you show her that you are touched by what you see around you.

Use expressions like:
  • I like that!
  • I love that!
  • Exciting place!
  • Fun people!
  • I like your radiance, smile!
  • Etc.

These are all expressions of emotions, right?

They say that you thrilled.

At this stage, there are three key mistakes you can make:

  • The first one is to fall into the "sensitive" category - There is a BIG difference between expressing emotions and being too sensitive - Sensitivity can quickly lean towards weakness.
  • The second one is to be too loud and overpower her - Stay suble and match her energy level - You can easily appear as a space invader if you overflow her with too much excitement.
  • The third mistake is failing to give her a sense of security - Some guys express emotions by being rude or agressive towards their environment - For a woman, the risk of ending up with a guy who is emotionally or physically abusive is always there. If she sees you verbally harrassing your others, her sense of safety with you is instantly detroyed - Not good!

With these nuances in mind, express through your words and attitude something that says:

"I am a male! I am alive!"

To your power!