Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to overcome the "She's out of my league" self defeating mind set - TIP

Women are simply human beings and you might be surprised by how friendly and open any woman is when you chat her up.

Of course, they don't like jerks, guys who arrass them, invade their space or are super insecure.

That REALLY turns them off.

If you approach her with confidence and presence, use humor, are friendly and genuinely interested in hearing her opinion, she is actually touched.

In the sea of potential boredom and uninteresting events, she can recognize a spark when she sees one.

The exchange she has with you will be one of the key highlights of her day if you are skilled at this.

The first step is to realize that this "she's out of my league" self defeating attitude is mainly in your mind.

It is a simple lack of confidence on your side.

The key is to have lots of practice.

remember that the guys who are really good often claim thousands of approaches in social environments.

Let me ask you a question: how many women did you apprach in the last week? Month? Year?

How skilled would you be if instead you would have approached 10x more? Don't you think you would be 10x better at it as well?

How do you become good at swimming? Do you read a manual and hope that you will break records as soon as you jump in the water?

Of course not!

How do you become a master at connecting with any woman you want?

You simply do it a lot!

Being attractive to any woman is a skill you can gain and you need to train it a lot + stay active in that field.

Practice is what gives you this edge and eventually kicks out any doubt in your mind.

The trick is to relaize that any woman is within your range, no matter how pretty or attractive they are.