Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to stay emotionally free when you have a crush - TIP

The main mistake you can make with dating is to committ yourself to someone who is not committed to you.

You go on a date - The girl is great - You see lots of potential for the two of you.

Next thing you know, you start dropping your other options, not returning calls to another woman you dated a couple of times too + you call this new girl 3 times in a week and it takes her 2 days to get back to you with a one line evasive text message.

See the pattern?

You are already committing yourself emotionally to her.

You expect a lot and at this stage you have no idea if she is seeing someone else or if she's really into you.

Why is this a mistake?

Because it totally shifts the balance of power to her advantage.

You give her more than what you get back from her.

This creates an emotional gap in you and you start feeling out of balance.

This is like getting addicted to someone.

You start thinking about here a lot + devote your time and energy imagining plans to get her to be closer to you or build a future together.

This is EXACTLY why both men and women get hurt in love.

They give more than what they receive.

How to avoid that?

It is very simple actually: take smaller steps + keep your options open in the beginning.

More on this coming soon...