Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One key secret to connect with a girl is to give her value - TIP

That's a big one!

Be a selfless value giver!

When you understand the impact it has on your approach strategies, it can radically multiply your level of success.

Giving her value does not mean throwing at her lousy random compliments.

Giving her value means that you totally get her!

She likes that!

She wants to be understood, felt and seen!

Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for a very attractive woman to never be complimented on her smartness, but always her looks.

It is very diminishing when guys ONLY see the shell and not what's inside.

Giving her value means that you see her inner strength, beauty, refinement and you let her know in subtle way that you understand her fully.

You don't step in with a victorious flag that you plant on her territory! No!

You rephrase something she just said and take in a small notch further.

You describe EXACTLY something about her she never fully understood before.

The reason why a woman will be attracted to you is because you open new windows in her life.

You "open doors" for her.

You can be like some form of gateway which helps her fulfill her destiny.

These can sound like big words and if you are only interested in your next one night stand, I can imagine that your reaction sounds like: "what the F****"

Now, if you want to take this connection with women one step further and understand the deeper role you can play in their lives, realize that we are each other's karmic agents.

We trigger possibilities in each other's lives.

When you have the opportunity to help a woman unleash her destiny, that's one incredibly valuable experience.

This is a vast topic I might come back to another time.

For now, simply remember that there is more to interacting with women than "pick up" and "sexual validation"!

The story goes MUCH DEEPER than that!

You are on the right track!

To your power!