Monday, June 22, 2009

Say something about her that shows you get her - TIP

The moment she realizes that you SEE her, it gives her emotional proximity.

Remember that we are now in the comfort building stages.

She feels sexually attracted to you but the emotional connection she needs to be able to get intimate with you is not yet there.

She needs to feel safe and connected.

This connection happens the moment you say something she totally identifies with.

She knows you are on the same page when you say:
  • "I totally get you!"
  • "I know exactly what you mean... You are saying that..."

In this last example, you take her words, rephrase and offer her a new angle she did not see before.

Another way to connect is if you tell her something about her life which is spot on!

If she mentions her kids, you can say:

"Some people think that having kids is a burden but man, I am sure that they are the most precious thing you have in life..."

Or on other topics:

"It's in these moments of intense clarity that you get these flashes of ideas! Don't you love it when you know EXACTLY what you are supposed to do next?"

"Women stay too long with abusive guys... If a woman finds herself in threatening situations, she should never give in. Step out at the first sign of threat! You did the right thing, girl!"

"Bosses rarely understand the potential you have. You are excited by all this creatice power and ideas you want to express - You deserve a boss who gives you some space and values you input, not someone who shuts you down"

I know... These examples are about serious topics, but you get the point, right?

You can apply the same idea to deeper aspects of her dreams, emotions, life desires, longing to be thrilled every minute of her life.

She needs to know that you are on her side!

Here is an advice for you:

This is not about coming up with some ready made line you will use on any girl, ok?

The ideas I give you here are like themes.

If you want to be good at it, you need to improvise with these themes.

It is like playing an instrument. If you simply play the notes, it won't sound good at all.

You need to ad emotion, variation and your own input.

Doing that takes some practice.

The goal for you is to reach at least some level of success with these techniques and this won't happen unless you decide and accept to experiment a bit with them.

To your power!