Monday, June 22, 2009

She wants to feel unique + special! - TIP

She feels special because of the type of attention she gets from you.

The key when you communicate, is to give her value in subtle ways:

"Look at you... Ready to party!"

"Gorgeous hair style... My sister needs one of those too!"

"You've been to the gym, lately... Your figure is impressive"

Now, when you compliment her, it is important to ad a light teasing note to it, otherwise, you could sound very cheesy.

Simply ad something like.

"Now, this evening I am the one in charge, ok? You already took the job of being pretty, I heard that women can't handle two things at the same time... You take care of your hair! I take care of the driving and paying for drinks - Sounds fair?"

Remember to stay on a playful teasing mode, ok?

Take care!