Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are dating but she doesn't want to commit to me - It drives me nuts! - ARTICLE

When you date a girl who wants to keep her freedom, you have no choice but to respect that.

You might see this full romantic picture of what an engaged relationship with her would look like.

Still... If she isn't into it right now, you will turn her off by trying to force her.

Here is what you can do instead:

Agree with her!

"Yes! You are right... There are too many differences between the two of us for this to work long term..."

You might be surpirsed with what happens when you disqualify yourself in her eyes.

The moment she knows she doesn't need to protect herself from you, it actually gives her space to be more relaxed when she's with you.

Freedom is one of these key life qualities which is given to us.

The moment someone threatens that freedom you naturally defend yourself, right?

It is natural!

Everyone does it!

So, the moment, she is no longer threatened by your grant life plans, she no longer needs to protect yourself from her because you no longer appear as an ennemy to her own plans.

That's one step to take.

The second step is to keep dating other women.

If she knows that other women like you, it gives her a whole new challenge and starts fighting to get you.

This is one of the triggers for sexual attraction.

Remember too that her desires can change!

They are not fixed.

Her decision to be with you or not is NOT RATIONAL!

It is purely instinctual and based mainly on how much sexual attraction she feels for you.

The moment you stop behaving in a needy way and gain back a sense of emotional indepence, this makes you much more attractive because your level of power rises!

The greater your power, the more attractive you are to her.

The moment you stop chasing her, it tells her that you are emotionally free which is an exact indication of your level of confidence.

Send out clear consistent signals and you will see her response to you shift in no time.

It is really stunning to see this happening in a woman.

Who knows... She could be the one starting to chase YOU soon.

To your power!