Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why guys need to be males - TIP

Because it allows a woman to express her feminity.

These dynamics of dating have to do with polarities and attraction between them.

When you are a male and express power, confidence and presence, you allow a woman to instinctually respond to that.

If you withdraw these qualities or don't dare to express them, you rob her from one of the most exciting experiences she could have in your presence.

Have you ever been chatting with someone who is very shy and uncomfortable?

How does that make you feel?

Uncomfortable, right?


Because we respond emotionally to each other.

That's called limbic resonnance.

When you meet someone, you create an energy unit which is the combination of what you two bring in it.

So, if someone has a low level of power, the other person picks up on that and reflects this state of mind.

If you are super confident and fun, these qualities reflect on the woman you are chatting with.

Your confidence gives her comfort and space to relax in your presence.

She needs to feel you as a rock! Someone who has that social power and presence.

You own your space!

When you do that, an opening happens in her and she loves that feeling.

Simultaneously, her level of sexual attraction towards you is boosted because she sees the leader and protective power awake in you.

There is edge to your character and this male energy she feels in you naturally wakes up her feminine flow, desire and excitement.

It's all very organic and natural.

Got that?

That's one of the keys to seduction and connecting with any woman you like.

To your power!