Monday, June 22, 2009

Why a woman gets sexually attracted to a guy - TIP

You heard that before, right?


Now, in this post, I want to take this one step further and give you a few extra hints about the dynamics of attraction.

Sexual attraction is PURELY instinctual.

There is ZERO rational thinking involved in it.

A woman might say that she doesn't want to get attracted to you and still, if the right ingredients are there, she will feel totally drawn to you.

It is like that because attraction is a cave behavior.

It is purely tribal in its essence and has to do with vitality, protection, procreation and survival.

Nature programmed women to look for the mate who has the highest chance of giving her children and protecting them.

Women might not know that and still the instinctual triggers become totally obvious when you start noticing them.

So, how does it work exactly?


A woman gest attracted to a man because of:
  • His networking and social power + "rank" within his social circle.
  • His male energy, health and vitality.
  • His ability to be a protector.
  • The emotional or energy connection she feels towards him.
  • The fact that other women are attracted to him. This acts as a confirmation to what she already feels. If other women value him, it means that he MUST express the qualities above.

You have of course many more ways to put this and you can as well ad new ingredients if you want to.

The key though is to understand that sexual attraction IS like a recipe.

If you express these qualities, sexual attraction naturally happens.

If you don't, women won't feel aroused when they interact with you.

If you want to know THE quality that summarizes all that?

It is POWER!

All the qualities I mentioned above are simply various expressions of power: social power, financial power, body power, emotional power.

That's a simple way to summarize it.