Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ask! - TIP

Another way to learn a lot is to ask!

Ask her for feed back, what she likes or doesn’t like.

The best moment to have an in depth sex discussion is when you both have time.

Interrupting a passionate sex session to mentalize what you are doing is NOT a good idea!

Instead find another moment to share your impressions or experiences from last night.

This works 10x better because she has time to think!

If you are not in a committed relationship, ask female friends.

They will tell you exactly what they fall for!

Don’t make fun of them or feel uncomfortable by what they say.

Be a good listener!

If they give you a hint, ask a follow up question to see if you got it right!

“So, what you mean is…”

“What if a guy does… Would you respond in the same way?”

A good way to start a sex conversation with a female friend is to ask her about her passions, what really turns her on in life.

After a few minutes, if she did not mention sex yet, you can ad: “Sex? What’s your best experience ever?”

Let her warm up to the idea of communicating intimate details with you.

She loves talking about her experiences!

She wants her sex life to be validated and she will give you juicy details you can use with women in the future.