Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Be a male! - TIP

This is the most basic and most essential mind set you need to integrate now!

It concerns any interaction you have with women, not just sex!

When you are male, she can be feminine!

That’s what she wants to feel.

Many guys don’t dare to express their power.

They feel weak and project this weakness in the form of insecurity when they interact with women.

Through emotional resonance, that’s of course what she picks up and starts feeling as well.


If you shift your mind set and behave like a super confident guy, it triggers pleasure to be around you!

She feels safe, turned on and sexually attracted to you!

Now, how do you express your male hood?

The key word is confidence!

Check your posture and tone of voice!

Check what you say!

Hold your ground!

You know what confidence looks like when you see it, right?

Now adopt this confidence posture all the time!

Be a male and behave like one!