Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Foreplay! - TIP

Yes! A woman needs to warm up to the idea of sex with you.

If this is a first date, I takes her on average 7 hours for her to be ready!

During that time, you play with building sexual attraction + comfort.

Sexual attraction is a key!

You do that by being super confident and not hesitating to be directive.

When you set a date, you have a clear vision in mind.

Women want to feel a guy who has the power to lead.

That’s one of the first tests you will face when dating a woman with experience.

She will measure how you stand in a leadership position.

Can you stand that type of power!

Kino (Touch) escalation is another big one.

When you are on a date, you start by her arm when you make a point.

A moment later, it might be the palm of her hand that you touch with two fingers.

You might share some dance moves in a night club and still get closer that way.

If there was no contact at all for a whole evening, heading for a kiss is a big step.

Now, kino build up makes it very easy to open the door to intimacy.

Foreplay is a preparation for sex and you have dozens of opportunities in an evening to trigger sensual exchange between the two of you.

Undressing her!

Holding a piece of dark chocolate while she grabs it with her white teeth.

Putting some light music in the background.

Lighting a few candles.

Rubbing her neck with a couple of drops of sensual oil.