Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is it okay to be aggressive? - ARTICLE

Yes, it is!

I know this might surprise you but in the field of competition, it is okay to be aggressive.

Being aggressive does not mean that you attack someone.

It means that you aim for your target with determination.

Anger, aggressiveness and determination are all battle strategies.

They are emotional reactions which respond to the need to break through.

If you life is blocked or stacked, it is okay to do whatever it takes to break through the walls.

Imagine any sport.

What do you see?

Determination, conquering drive.

You fight to win.

Use the same forces with personal challenges.

Do what it takes to break though using all the resources you have.

Dare to do it.

It is okay to step over your present limits and do what it takes to open those doors.

I know the moment you decide to go for it, nothing can stop you.

You concentrate your power and energy.

You bring focus and determination to your actions.

Finding your unique goals is an inner quest.

You can sit back and wait for them to wake up in you or you can take definite steps to move forward and break through.

The real force you want to connect to is your own spirit.

It is yourself.

It is the core of your being.

It is your life force, your life power.

Once you wake up to it, it is the very core of your being which is strengthened.

It is like finding your gravity center.

Can you feel it?