Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Key turn offs - TIP

Women can’t stand insecure guys.

It makes them so uncomfortable that they want to run away.

If you want to trigger sexual attraction, stay away from serious topics like job, politics, personal problems or challenges with an ex.

It’s obvious when you think of it and still so many guys start conversations on these topics without realizing it takes them in exact opposite direction to where they want to go.

Do better than that.

Be directive when you start a conversation.

Be specific.

If you feel her getting bored, bring in a teasing line and break the rhythm by shifting topic.

Even if you start on a wrong note, you can get back on track by challenging her a bit.

Say something like:

  • “Do you get the same impression that there is something more exciting to life than that? – I mean what really thrills you? – I am pretty sure that these office politics issues are not what gets you going – So, are you going to tell me, or are you going to hide yourself?”

The key to avoid key conversation pitfalls is to practice more.

Connect with as many women as you can.

If you only start a conversation when you see a very attractive target, the stakes are often too high and you make mistakes.

Yes! It is an art!

Like with any art, you want to experiment and learn to improvise.

You can’t simply learn a set of opening lines and that’s it.

Practice is what makes you master at it.

When you come back home after an evening out, take a minute to analyze what happened.

What worked?

What didn’t?

If you notice that one of your questions or teasing lines triggered an exciting response in a girl, identify exactly what this trigger was.

Analyzing your strategies quickly boosts your results because you learn much faster.

You get rid of turn offs and dig deeper into the positives.