Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Right Kiss! - TIP

This is one of the topics women keep on bringing up when asked about negative sexual experiences!

They recall bad kissers!

The main mistake a guy can make when kissing her is to be too passionate, open and pressing!

Women often mention feeling totally “raped” by a man’s uncontrolled kissing style!

Things like leaking her face or opening a mouth too wide are massive turn offs.

Be subtle!

Play with the kiss!

Let her desire more!

Give her space to engage in the kissing play in her own way.

Play with your lips and apply only the exact pressure.

Use your tongue with awareness and precision.

Don’t abandon yourself in some form of uncontrolled passionate flow.

It’s mainly a matter of being aware of what you!

Once you put some attention to it, the right moves wake up very naturally.