Friday, December 25, 2009

She talks a lot about her ex - TIP

Me and my GF just recently starting officially going out (last Sun). We became best friends this year and we love each other so much. We had our HS Spring Break last week and we spent every day together and had so much fun. I love her and our relationship.

The issue is she talks about her ex's a lot. She is always saying "I hate to bring him up but....." Its always something bad so I guess that's good but I'm still kinda bothered by it. She was talking about sending him a Happy b-day letter which really worried me. Today she told me that instead of the letter she called him. She said that the phone call didn't go well but she is obviously thinking about him a lot. And its not just him. She has talked about other ex's as well.

Should I be worried about this??? Should I talk to her about it??? How???

Thanks in advance for any help


True, talking about your exes when you are with someone is simply a lack of tact.

If you want to value someone, focus on the person you are with. She is not familiar with that skill and you took a step to "educate" her on that.

That's very good. Congratulations with that. This is the way to go. As you mentioned she seems to get it. If she doesn't simply repeat the message again until she gets it. No need to be tough on her. Seems like your subtle style works well.

good luck and trust further your instinct with that. You are on the right track