Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What happens next? - Should you have sex? - TIP

While she shares these intimate emotions with you, you can get physically slightly closer to her and see how she responds to it.

Invoking sexual or exciting memories makes her usually hot.

This usually calls for a need to share this energy with you.

Start by slightly touching her arm or coming physically closer, or whispering in her ear, that type of thing.

Right there, you need to make a decision.

Do you want to go all the way and share intimacy with her or do you prefer stepping back, getting her number and meeting her another time?

What’s your choice?

Usually, you can sustain that type of sexual tension build up for 30 min.

After that she might expect you to get more physical.

You don’t need to give it to her though.

You can step back and give her a couple of days to reflect on what she experienced with you.

Sexual imagination is a powerful tool.

It can totally take over a woman’s mind and get her to come back to you for more.

Would you like to see her again?

Get her number and leave on a high.

Say something like:

  • “Whaou! I had no idea you were such a sexual volcano, ready to explode. I am a bit reserved myself and it will take me a week to digest so much sexual information. I don’t usually have sex at a first date. I was told not to! So, don’t push me ok?”

As you give her a card and a pen, follow up with:

  • “Write your number here. I will set up a conference hall and give you the opportunity to share this knowledge with an audience of a few thousands! Many people need to hear what you just told me! ;)”

Now, you are still teasing and challenging her.

This shows that you keep your power and don’t worship her in a needy way.

This triggers even more attraction in her because you do stand to your level of power.

Got that? Of course, the lines I gave you are only examples.

Learn to improvise and develop these sexual conversation skills.

These are not some ready made pick up lines you can use on every girl.

What you develop is an attitude and mind set which is conductive to having that type of sexual conversations with women any time.

It takes a month of experimenting to be good at it.

In fact you could still be learning even if you practice this for a life time.

The key is to practice and not be afraid to try new lines or approaches.