Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What women pick up from you - TIP

Most guys believe that it is about using the right words or right pick up line.

Well, let me tell you something.

Most of what she perceives from you is expressed through your body language and tone of voice.

She gets tons of information just by looking at the way you stand or how you position yourself in a room full of people.

The moment you speak, the tone of your voice gives her an exact measure of your level of power.

Sure, what you say still matters but it is only a small parameter in this equation.

Have you ever seen someone giving a speech that made you totally uncomfortable because their voice was trembling?

You felt sorry for them, right?

They could be experts in the topic you need to know about and still, you can’t even concentrate on what they say because you are totally turned off by their lack of confidence.

Women respond to guys in the exact same way.

You might say something dumb.

It does not matter (almost ;)) as long as you express confidence.