Friday, October 28, 2011

speed seduction focuses on opening up the emotional compartment for desire, need for connection, etc - I call that the passion body

So, that's what you want to focus on!

Opening up and activating the passion body

Not the house wife body or the student body!!!

You want to activate a very specific aspect of who she is.

In the same way, you can activate her spiritual body and her need for meaning, universal connection and bliss!

So, that's something you can consciously do.

You can engage in a political conversation and activate the activist in her.

The point is that different conversation will wake up very different emotional reactions in her, different mind sets.

you can consciously manipulate the mind sets you want her to be in.

This goes one step further.

When she sees you she will naturally recall the mind sets she associates you with.

If you systematically bring her to the passion body and that's where she stays when she is with you the first time, that's where she will naturally tend to go back when you meet again...