Thursday, February 09, 2012


On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 1:54 PM, vitalcoaching wrote:

- beyond passion body, dig in the beauty body! That's the type of emotion you know how to wake up in her... That's the tantric fire temple - it's refinement!

- this guy is gaming! It all comes back to game!

- this seems fun! This is why she says that

- beta male provider

- are you playful enough to see the unique opportunity right now?

- explore quizzes - find some - how to use them

- misinterpretation - misinterpret what she says in funny ways

- make an exercise to misinterpret anything women say for the next week!

- make an exercise to tease for a week

- cold reading - interpret her - read the situation

- role playing -

- don't let it go dry on interview mode

- give me 5 possible openers...

- hey! Salt my favorite topic! Anything that has to do with crystals and shit! What's your favorite food?

- you slept like... What 2 hours? Right?packed your bags till 3am!! What do you worry about before you travel

- is there any guy you like on this airplane? Who is the man that would ask you on a date right now that you would say yes to? What? No guy in this airplane for you? So you have a boyfriend? You are faithful? Why? You would never cheat on your boyfriend? Does this question make you uncomfortable? Want to change topic? See, I believe every person has a dark side and most people don't dare to admit it - are you part of those who admit it or those who don't?

- can I ask you a question? I an having a social experiment... so, what's your high today so far? No high yet? Ok! I want to challenge you! I challenge you to get 5 highs before the flight lands!!! Want to play?



1 - 80%
2 - 80% - what do you worry? - you ask her to focus on what she worries? What the fuck were you thinking? Do it better!!! You look like a confident woman who likes a thrill! What's the thing that triggers an adrenaline rush in you?
3 - 80% still good but not funny enough... Funny is better - I tend to enter into therapeutic or coaching mode - coaching mode is good but more humor us best - coaching mode does not really trigger sexual attraction - well yes a bit... But I can do better... Funnier... Faster... More entertaining... Also. My coaching often goes to where it hurts...

I need faster, higher energy, entertaining!!! Right now my videos keep attracting a certain amount of views! But there can be way more!!!

Speed up! Now!


How did you miss that opportunity? She gave you a chance, right? So how did you miss it? What did you do that killed your chances?

Lack of humor... So, how would you take it?

This girl connects! !!! She made it super easy!!! She comes on a date!!! How did you mess up???

She us scared! Self absorbed! Judging! Analyzing! How do you get her out of her head???

What are the emotions you want her to feel?

You want her to be wild and bold, right? How do you get rid of her fears??l

Obsess about this thing!!! Speed up till you get it right!!! 100% got that!  That's your next target!!! Don't stop till you get there!!!

On the previous example, the abswr was humor - the way to get her out of the fear zone is to make her laugh! SI be funny!!! Can you be funny?

Next... Embrace your dark side... That's attractive because you get her... I wNt o know more about that deep power in you!!! Got it? That's the key!!

Tell me more about your power! What are the moments you feel in power! Situations you want to be dominant? Anything else you want to feel? Can you trigger these emotions at will? Yes? No? How?

When you start recording you can go to higher energy!!! Less analytical!!! More energy! More conquering power!!! See how it works? You got it!!!