Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hoops are tasks you ask her to perform, or vice versa

You can jump
through her hoops, but it should be on your terms. For example, if she asks
you to buy her a drink, you tell her to buy the first round. If she wants you to
go somewhere with her in the club, you can ask her to first answer one of
the above qualifiers. If she asks your age, make her guess. If she wants to
have sex, ask her to say 'please' first. By having her jump through your
hoops, you are maintaining frame control, and this shows your alphaness.
The hoops you ask her to jump through in comfort are smaller than those in
attraction (e.g. holding your drink is a big hoop, kissing you first is a smaller
hoop, letting you have sex with her is the smallest hoop). If she is truly
interested in something you have to say, then you can respond directly
without considering it a hoop.